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At the time of traveling, the closest thing we have to remember is safety. Stay alert to the environment that is not your native environment.

The Following are the fraud alert may encounter while on vacation in Europe.

  1. Flowers for Your Spouse

    The target is usually a man walking with his wife or girlfriend might. Someone will come up to you and offer roses sold. Later you will be offered at very high prices. With expertise in selling, they will make you regret your partner if it does not buy it.

    Usually it can happen in Europe such as in France, Rome and Barcelona. What should you do? Just reject with subtle and not feel guilty.

  2. Finding the Ring

    A woman will drop the ring right in front of you and ask if you drop it. When you say no because it is not yours, he’ll check it out. The woman will prove that the ring is gold even though it is not.

    Furthermore, she will offer you to buy at high prices and does not make sense to the actual prices. Normally something like this would happen in France.

  3. Street Games

    Street Games or a game like magic on the streets often done by foreigners. However you have to be vigilant in some countries for example in France or London because they are not just playing.

    The players form groups of travelers that will show their skills in playing magic and invites you to interact.

    Later when you become curious and fixated with their games, their other members will act to take anything valuable in your bag like a purse, for example.

  4. Wallet in the Street

    One is quite ingenious tricks so you need to be careful. Usually they will put the wallet on the street so you think it is a wallet stolen by falling or may indeed wallet others fall. When in fact it is just an empty wallet wallet.

    When you pass it was indeed the right thing but unfortunately reflex everybody usually they will check their wallets. Is it still in the bag? Is it still in the bag? From there the thieves will be easy to know where you put your wallet.

  5. Littering Your Jacket

    When suddenly a stranger would say do not accidentally contaminate your jacket, beware. They usually will deliberately spilled sauce or drink to your jacket. After that they will feel guilty, they will try to clean up your jacket.

    That’s when you should be wary. They will clean and without felt they would reach into your jacket pocket and take anything in it.

  6. Free Shoe Polish

    A shoeshine will drop the brush in front of you. When you give to them, the shine will be grateful to you and your shoes shined.

    This is common in Istanbul and is certainly not free. In the end they will suddenly charge at you when you do not ask for shoe polish is not it?

  7. Money Mad Fortune Teller

    Perhaps this title is suitable for fortune teller in the way that you might encounter in the street in Madrid. They will give you flowers of rosemary as a sign of friendship.

    Not only that, they will take your hand and read predictions about the luck of your life. After they finished reading, they will ask for a fee.

    If you do not pay, they will curse your family and your life. Frightening? We recommend that you reject at the outset.

  8. Impromptu Photographer

    You certainly will take pictures when he arrived at an iconic place in a country. Sometimes you also definitely difficulties when they want to take a picture together with your friends or family.

    When you are in Europe to be careful and do not ask strangers to take pictures using your mobile phone or your camera.

    They may at first be with you photographing friendly however, an end they will charge a high price. What will you do if you do not pay? It could be that they run away carrying a camera or mobile phone.

  9. Cashier

    Be careful also with the cashier at the place of your shopping. They have a few tricks for example, calculating the return to very slow and stop in the middle. It is for interrupting your concentration so you forget the extent to which the count was.

    In addition, beware cashier transacted while calling on their cell phones. In Europe in particular Barcelona, so the cashier could only pretend to actually taking a picture of your credit card to be duplicated.

  10. Local People

    The hospitality of the local people is a good thing but, you still have to be careful. In Europe a lot of people who can do through the theft tricks There may not be aware of.

    For example, offer you a look at the map when you get lost. They will open wide maps in front of your face so that you do not realize the person will also take your belongings such as a wallet in your pocket.

    Not only that, many travelers are usually men who were targeted by local women. You will be invited to a bar or nightclub with him. Later they will let you get drunk and steal all your belongings. 

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